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Receive quality care from experts in the medical field 24/7, all at an affordable price. At your fingertips, access doctors that graduated from the top medical schools around the country and are specialists in their fields. Be confident in your decision to move forward with excellent treatment without worrying about cost.

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Why Choose an Online Doctor?

Board Certified Doctors

Speak with a nationally-board certified doctor and receive trusted advice wherever you are. Our world-renowned medical experts are specialists in their fields that provide diagnoses, treatments, prescriptions, and work notes.

Quick Access

Avoid waiting in urgent care lines and get access to quality healthcare from the comfort of your home. Access a doctor 24/365 for you and your entire family. Schedule and start your health visit with a healthcare professional in under ten minutes.

Affordable Healthcare

Enjoy unlimited doctor's visits throughout the year. Our affordable plans start at only $29 dollars and cover include new and existing acute prescriptions. Get high quality care on-demand, at a low cost.

Patients love using Antidote

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Great service, friendly knowledgeable doctor. Very quick and efficient from the time I opened the app until I had an appointment. Saved me a trip to urgent care and got me the rx I needed in under half an hour.

App Store, Dec 2020

My doctor was so professional and made me feel so comfortable as soon as I got on camera. She listened intently to my issue and concerns, and then gave me great feedback.

Play Store, June 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to an online doctor for free?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a free visit, but we offer affordable monthly plans starting at $29 with unlimited doctors’ visits.

How do I get a virtual doctor visit?

Once you download our app, you will have access to scheduling with a doctor via
video chat.

How much does an online doctor cost?

Our membership plans include Individual and family memberships and start at just
$29 a month for unlimited doctor’s visits.

How Do Online Doctor’s Visits Work?

Download the app, answer quick questions about your symptoms and get connected
with a doctor on a video call in just minutes.

What is the Best Online Doctor?

The best online doctor is who would give you quality care online, as if they were treating you in

How It Works

Download our telemedicine app and start managing your health care within seconds. Easily add
family members, access medical history and prescriptions, view previous doctor care notes,
schedule visits for all, and even attend calls for family even when apart.

  • Our technology based platform will ask about your symptoms to put you in front
    of a doctor faster

  • You can schedule a doctor appointment for a time that is convenient or choose to see a
    doctor immediately

  • See a doctor on a live video call to diagnose any symptoms in real time. If needed, get a
    prescription for your local pharmacy or a recommend referral

See a Doctor NowSee a Doctor Now

In a business environment dominated by Zoom meetings, why not have online doctors? This is the question that numerous telemedicine companies such as Antidote Health have based their services on. To the surprise of many, it has become an industry that fills the growing demand for innovative health services.

Thanks to the technology we have today, there is no doubt that your online doctors will be able to deliver an increasingly better service than many expect. An online physician is not just a professional who you can consult via video chat.

The convenience, price, benefits, and the overall experience, clearly show that online medical services can give you what you need and more. As the industry advances, our services will become more impressive, and who knows, at some point you might decide that you do not need a brick-and-mortar clinic anymore.

Online doctor services also cover family members of all ages. In some cases, there are special membership packages for the whole family, which makes each individual online doctor appointment cheaper. Antidote Health has a special family membership that you and your family members can take advantage of. Apart from welcoming patients of all ages, we also offer
specialized online medical services.

Since so many companies are flocking into this growing sector, more online doctors are popping up making the industry a highly competitive one. That, together with the telemedicine business model in which you can pay consult by consult, induces a process of continual improvement among providers.

Trust is probably the most important aspect in this emerging field. The best online doctor out there can have the most advanced tools at their disposal, offer the gold standard in online security and privacy, be the top graduate in their class, and still fail to inspire the confidence in you that you are looking for.

Thanks to the technology we have today, there is no doubt that your online doctors will be able to deliver an increasingly better service than many expect. An online physician is not just a professional who you can consult via video chat.

That is why here at Antidote Health our staff works on being transparent, effective, precise with our communications, and attentive to your needs. Those are the pillars on which we build trust with our patients to become the best online physicians out there.

If you are still on the fence and you would like to talk with a doctor online for free to understand how the system works, or if this service is for you, we can help. Contact our live chat representatives and ask us anything you want about our services.

They will be more than glad to guide you through the process of your first online doctor’s appointment.

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