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Our PLUS Subscriptions assist you with out-of-pocket medication expenses!

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Introducing a new Spend Card from Antidote Health

Depending on your subscription, your Antidote Spend Card can be used for out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs prescribed by an Antidote Health Clinician, up to $20 per month and $150 per year (INDIVIDUAL+ subscription), $20 per month and $220 per year (FAMILY+ subscription) or $30 per month and $360 per year (MENTAL HEALTH+ subscription).

Use Antidote Spend Card when you go to the pharmacy to pay for your medication.

Benefits of Antidote Spend Card

  • Accepted at all major pharmacies
  • Pay directly from your phone
  • Preloaded card for your use at pharmacy

The Antidote Debit Card is now included with our Plus Plans.

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Pay Directly from your Phone

Our spend card integrates with Apple and Google Pay so you never have to bother bringing your wallet to the pharmacy. Why worry about paying for prescriptions out of pocket when you can when you have a preloaded card conveniently on your phone.

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Great service, friendly knowledgeable doctor. Very quick and efficient from the time I opened the app until I had an appointment. Saved me a trip to urgent care and got me the rx I needed in under half an hour.

App Store, Dec 2020

My doctor was so professional and made me feel so comfortable as soon as I got on camera. She listened intently to my issue and concerns, and then gave me great feedback.

Play Store, June 2021