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Med&Beyond rebrands to Antidote Health

Aug 23, 2021
Cardiologist, Gracie Square Hospital

We have some exciting news to share! We have changed our name to Antidote Health to better reflect our evolving brand and new offerings.


We have also upgraded our services to include individual and family plans for a low monthly price everyone can afford. These plans will include unlimited doctor’s visits with an option to include medications.


Our new plans offer:

• 24/7/365 doctors

• Unlimited doctor visits

• Access to medical records

• Choice of family doctor

• Medications included


Our new family plans are the next step in our mission to provide affordable quality healthcare to tens of millions of Americans. These plans are unmatched in the market for quality, price, and coverage. For more information and plan features and details, please visit our plans and pricing page.

family healthcare plans Antidote Health
Our new healthcare plans

We have also redesigned our app to offer a better user experience and make it easier for families to get the quality healthcare that every person deserves. Our upgraded app allows patients to store and access medicals records and manage family members and their healthcare.

To better represent our more complete healthcare offering and our relationships with patients we have decided to rebrand to:

Antidote Health

Antidote healthcare
For many Americans we are the Antidote

For many of our patients we really are an antidote to a situation and system that up until now had no alternative. The current healthcare system in America does not put patients first. We believe healthcare is a basic human right for every American family and that quality healthcare should be affordable for everyone.

We invite you to download our app, see the changes and share them.

Antidote Health app
Download today and try the Antidote difference

Thank you and welcome to the Antidote.

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