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Gym Members And Telehealth: A Powerful Combination You Might Have Never Thought About

Aug 23, 2021
Cardiologist, Gracie Square Hospital

Gym Members And Telehealth: A Powerful Combination You Might Have Never Thought About

A more holistic approach. That is what gym members can get out of their telehealth providers. Just imagine the plethora of opportunities and layers of wellness that combining both can give you. The benefits can compound fast, and they are now within your reach.

Telehealth and your Fitness Routine

Let us start by understanding how the most basic aspects of telehealth can improve your fitness routine:

·        Doctors are available 24/7and you can even get a consult within minutes of requesting it

·        This leads to better monitoring of your health situation

·        Think about experiencing pain after a workout or feeling dizzy. Your Telehealth provider can help immediately!

You can figure out what might be happening with you and how your workout is affecting you, quicker, so the solution will come sooner.

Remote Monitoring and Data Collection

Now consider the possibility of introducing some monitoring technology while you work out. That could help you improve your workout because:

·        Your online doctor can monitor your vitals and how they change even in real time

·        Based on that data, your physician can make more accurate recommendations in a timely fashion

·        The added benefit is that your online doctor has more data about you and can even relay it to your insurance company, which could potentially result in a reduction of your premiums

More Specialized Treatment For Gym Members From Telehealth Providers

If you could add another layer to the connection between your gym membership, your workouts, and your telehealth provider, you can compound the benefits even further. Suppose that instead of consulting with adoctor after you go to the gym, you can talk to an online dietician or physical therapist.

Given the same data that you are collecting from your workouts and their availability, these professionals can help you fine tune your routines even further. If your telehealth provider then goes a stepfurther, and combines the knowledge of your doctor, with that of your physical therapist, and your dietician, your gym membership will be even more valuable to your health.

Technological Layer

Adding another technological layer to immediate availability from telehealth providers, monitoring technology, and on demand consults with experts, you could take your gym membership to an even higher level. for instance offers diagnostic tools powered by AI/Machine Learning. Therefore, you are not only benefitting from your own data and the experts, but also from the aggregate data of all our patients and the insights the computer is gaining from the data they provide.

Try Boosting your Gym Membership With Telehealth!

There is no doubt that as a gym member you have a lot to gain from your telehealth provider. The best part of it is that unlike so many gym memberships, telehealth providers like do not charge youmonthly fees or tie you up in long-term membership fee commitments.

You can boost the benefits from your gym membership with telehealth and it is all just a click away!

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