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Antidote Offers Unlimited Doctor Visits

Oct 4, 2021
Cardiologist, Gracie Square Hospital

You can now get access to unlimited doctor visits for a single flat monthly fee here at Antidote Health. But our coverage does not stop there. For the same monthly fee, you can get unlimited doctor visits for each and every single member of your household among others. Here is how our telehealth plans will surpass your expectations.

Coverage Beyond Unlimited Doctor Visits

Care for your entire family at your fingertips.

Maybe you are looking for coverage beyond unlimited doctor visits for you and your whole household. If that is the case, here is how we can meet or even exceed your expectations:

·        Access to a doctor 24/7 everyday of the year

·        Contact us at any time if you have a question or need to follow up with your doctor for any reason

·        You can also get prescription refills and doctor notes


The advantages of our unlimited doctor visits for a flat monthly fee, as well as the full coverage our monthly plans give you and your family, will allow you to enjoy the following advantages:

·        More effective preventive care– since you do not have to drive to the doctor or pay extra for your appointments, you are more likely to consult with your doctor

·        If you have any doubt, there is no doubt! – no matter the question you have, any time of day, on any given day, you can have your doctor give you an answer. You do not have to live with any doubt about your health anymore!

Tell me More About Antidote Health Coverage

Beyond the benefits and the advantages that you can get from a single flat monthly fee with our plans, you and your family will also get coverage wherever you are through our app. Installing the app and enjoying the benefits above is quick and easy, thanks to our support staff that is available on a 24/7 basis, much like your doctor. In other words, if you have any kind of internet connection you and your family have unlimited access to your doctor.

Available on Mobile and Desktop

We support all devices, ranging from cell phones to your desktop. No matter which platform you choose to get in touch with your doctor, the experience will be the same and you will get the same benefits:

·        Unlimited doctor visits for you and members of your family

·        24/7 access to our health care professionals every single day of the year

·        Prescriptions

·        Prescription refills

·        Doctor notes

How can Antidote Health Cover Every Family Member?

Healthcare plans for everyone.

If you are wondering how Antidote Health can provide coverage across all devices for your whole family, here is our secret:

·        When you sign up, you sign your family members up as well

·        You get an account number

·        That account number can be used across all devices by your family members

Whether you or any of your family members can download the app or through a browser on any device.

Start Using Antidote Health Now and Take Advantage of Unlimited Doctor Visits

Now that you know what we offer and how it works, it is time to sign up and start taking advantage of unlimited doctor visits for you and all your family members. Enjoy the kind of coverage you were always looking for through our state-of-the-art telehealth platform.

Our staff is thrilled to welcome you into our growing telehealth family here at Antidote Health!

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