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3 Way Video Call With Your Antidote Health Doctor

Aug 23, 2021
Cardiologist, Gracie Square Hospital

3 Way Video Call With Your Doctor

Technology allows us to be more efficient and to do a better job overall. With telehealth, the range of technological advancements that wecan implement is wider than you might think. It even transcends the medicalfield. That is the case of our new feature, the 3-way video call.

An Online Doctor can Talk with a Patient and Another Person at the Same Time!

Thanks to this new feature, we can now bring a third party into the consult – of course, with the consent of the patient. This allows usto be more efficient and more effective at delivering high quality care to ourpatients.

Just imagine how many benefits you could derive from a 3-wayvideo call between you, your doctor, and:

·        Your parents – if you are a young student or even for a school-age child who is not feeling well at school

·        Another specialist – such as a dietician or a dermatologist

·        A translator – especially if you are an immigrant and are not a fluent English speaker yet

The Advantages of the 3-Way Video Call

The advantages of this new feature are clear:

·        The doctor could get information about pre-existing conditions, allergies, or hereditary conditions from the parents of a younger patient for example

·        Parent will be able to “go to the doctor” with their school-aged children on their coffee break, without leaving their office to pick their children up and take them to the doctor’s office

·        Another specialist could chime in and together with the doctor they can come up with a better course of treatment

·        People who do not understand medical terms in English can get a better understanding of what they need to do and can follow their treatment more effectively as a result

Privacy Above All

None of these benefits would matter too much if this 3-waycall feature did not comply with the highest privacy standards in the industry. That is why we have extended all our advanced communications technology to the third party on that call, to establish a secure 3-way connection.

That third party joining the medical consult, will not need any kind of special app to join the call. They will be able to do so through a secure link that provides or through their phones, keeping all the information our patients give us, safe.

Technological Advancement Know No Limits!

Our 3-way video call feature is just the most recent example of how we can integrate advanced medical and non-medical technology to provide a superior service. We will continue to innovate and integrate more technologies from different fields to deliver a world-class telehealth service for all our patients!


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